Saturday, July 25, 2009

Security Card for Transponder

OK... time for me to explain about the security key code...  
The security key code is for future requirements to reprogram the transponder which is a ship built in your key, should you loose your key and need to make a new one. By keeping the card, you can go and reprogram the transponder back at your Service Centre with the code, in future. I heard that the new remote key is being sold for RM 808.00 and reprogramming will cost another RM 120.00. However, you still need to cut the key with your local locksmith. That could be a few ringgit more. 
Around March 2009, all the 308 that is being delivered, were not supplied with the security card. Those delivered before that still got it, people like myself and AHWAN got the card. The reason they do not give the card to you is because,   
1) If in case you loose the card, they cannot reprogram a new key for you in future. They now have the security code stored in a database, in the internet. Only the Peugeot Service Centre can get access to it. 
2) So that you come back to them and they make money instead of doing it from a third party vendor.  
However, please note that if in case you loose your key at anytime, you can still go back to the Peugeot SC and make a new one. However, you might need to wait and pay a hefty sum for the remote key. I would believe that if you loose your key, they might have to change the code, so that if anyone who stole your previous key, will not be able to start your car.  
So, just be extra careful to not misplace or loose your key... Cheers!


  1. hey alan.. just wanted to say thanks for putting up this blog.. really useful info on the 308. just got a 308 turbo.. superb car n everyday while driving i learn sumthin new bout it (the beast).

    btw after stopping the car after some spirited driving few days back it had a slight burnt smell for awhile.. only done 350km on it.. i opened the hood but there was no smell frm the top.. was wondering did u get the smell as well?

    hey.. im a klangite as well.. teluk pulai area.. gud to knw there's a GT roaming around closeby.. cheers mate..

  2. hey Adrian... could be burnt brakes smell.... its normal for new brake pads!

  3. Just bump into yr blog abt yr Pug 308GT yup i am 'divorcing' my Golf Gti MkV and got myself a new Pug but its been a long time since my last Pug which was my dad 405GTi. So what the main problems are we looking at actually i had my Golf for 2years now and frankly i don encounter any major problem with it except the ride thats abt all. So hope you can highlight the problems so that i can steer them away.