Monday, August 15, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting new NUMBER for car registration at JPJ....

Today, I went to JPJ to try my luck to buy a new number because after 1 day of waiting for the runner to get a number, he didn't get anything at the end.

Went with my wife to JPJ Padang Jawa, Klang at 735am. Parked the car there and wow.... only a handful of people (less than 10 customers) at that hour of the day.

At the ground floor on the right side of the building, there is a notice board with all the numbers which is being sold. They cross out the number which is sold. So, my wife chose a number she liked while I went and took a BORANG from the main counter and filled it up. Its very easy to fill up.

Then, at 745am, the doors to the counter opened. We went in and got the first number. When our number was called 1 minute later, we paid the money RM 210.00 and got the number we wanted... So, its easy and the bottom line is that the runners are spoilt and corrupted. This is my 2nd experience. The best is to go to JPJ early and get the number you want by yourself.

New car should be out by next week. Mazda CX-7...

Friday, March 4, 2011

308 can fly! vol.2

This is a flying version of the 308