Saturday, July 25, 2009

Security Card for Transponder

OK... time for me to explain about the security key code...  
The security key code is for future requirements to reprogram the transponder which is a ship built in your key, should you loose your key and need to make a new one. By keeping the card, you can go and reprogram the transponder back at your Service Centre with the code, in future. I heard that the new remote key is being sold for RM 808.00 and reprogramming will cost another RM 120.00. However, you still need to cut the key with your local locksmith. That could be a few ringgit more. 
Around March 2009, all the 308 that is being delivered, were not supplied with the security card. Those delivered before that still got it, people like myself and AHWAN got the card. The reason they do not give the card to you is because,   
1) If in case you loose the card, they cannot reprogram a new key for you in future. They now have the security code stored in a database, in the internet. Only the Peugeot Service Centre can get access to it. 
2) So that you come back to them and they make money instead of doing it from a third party vendor.  
However, please note that if in case you loose your key at anytime, you can still go back to the Peugeot SC and make a new one. However, you might need to wait and pay a hefty sum for the remote key. I would believe that if you loose your key, they might have to change the code, so that if anyone who stole your previous key, will not be able to start your car.  
So, just be extra careful to not misplace or loose your key... Cheers!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Deadlocking in your 308

Deadlocking is a security device which enables the car to be locked in a way that the door can't be opened from inside or outside the car without disengaging the deadlock first.

If a car thief therefore wants into you car they have to climb in through a window and out the same way as the doors will not open without the correct opening procedure with the proper key or remote.

Deadlocking can only operate if the cars central locking system is functioning correctly. It is semi automatic and very reliable.

Key in normal position.Key in deadlocking position.

The deadlocking is activated either by key on a normal key locking system or by pressing the remote locking either twice or the deadlocking button on the remote.

Peugeot 406 key with seperate daedlock button.Vauxhall Vectra key. Deadlocks operated by pressing the lock button twice.

Disengaging the deadlock is simple just open your door in the normal way and it will disengage the deadlock automatically.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to get better mileage from your car?

Here are some tips to get better mileage once the petrol prices go up in September 2009 in Malaysia.

1. They way you drive - Rapid acceleration and quick braking increases fuel! Drive gently and you will see significant improvement in your fuel consumption of your car.
2. Improper Tyre inflation - Just 1 tire under inflated, you will realised that your car will be a fuel guzzler. Tires deflate 1 psi every 2 weeks. So, ensure that your car is properly inflated and check your tyre pressure every 2 weeks.
3. Excessive load - Don't put things that you don't need in your car. Why carry extra load? It will definitely put more strain in your engine and it will definitely increase your fuel consumption.
4. Proper maintenance and service - Make sure you service your car in time, a healthy engine uses less fuel than an unhealthy one.
5. Don't speed - Your 308 is most frugal at speeds around 110km/h. You will notice that the engine will double its fuel intake when you hit speeds around 140 km/h. The 30 km/h extra won't get you double the speed but will use double the fuel!

End of the 2 series in Malaysia

We have seen the Bestari/Peugeot 206 for a while already here in Malaysia. This will be the end of this series once they complete pushing the rest of the stock out. We will not be seeing the 207 coming to Malaysian shores which was planned earlier.
Peugeot Malaysia is looking at positioning its brand as up market rather than trying to compete with the other brands in the entry/mass level sector. Yes, they will sell less cars but since they don't have many service centres either, it would be a wise move to concentrate in giving the best service to the upper market cars like the 308 and 407, rather than they spread their resources towards a mass market where they are struggling to do a good service/warranty job.
Having said that, the 206 is a great car. Its proven to be really good in corners/handling and a great comfortable car to drive compared to the Malaysian/Korean and Japanese rivals. Unfortunately, good cars don't make a good brand. Branding is all about perception of the customer. 
There is no doubt that a lot of people know that the Peugeot cars are good. They are still asking about spare parts, customer service, quality of the Service Centre etc. This is something that cannot be built overnight. Rome was not built in a day. It would be a great move by Nasim to start working on quality, rather than quantity! 

Driving fast?? Can I?

Hey guys, driving fast is all about practice, handling and confidence... If one person can hit beyond 200km/h, with the same car, it doesn't mean another person can.
If you are new to driving fast, please do it gradually, until your confidence level builds. Safety is the main issue here. Don't take big risks. Its not worth it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Average Fuel consumption for all 308 models in Malaysia

Currently, these are the feedback in general about the fuel consumption of the 308  
1) VTi - averaging around RM 0.17 - 0.19 sens per km* 
2) THP - averaging around RM 0.20 - 0.22 sens per km* 
3) GT - averaging around RM 0.19 - 0.21 sens per km*  
*This is based on normal city driving.  
You will be asking how come the GT is averaging better than the THP. The GT is slightly heavier than the THP too. Basically, you must know that the THP has a 4 gear automatic while the GT has a 6 gear manual gearbox. So, if you want a good fuel consumption 308, you should go for the VTi. With RM 0.17 sens per km, the average distance per fuel tank should be around 600km while the GT can hit around 530km and the THP around RM 520 km.

Friday, July 17, 2009


OK... time for me to explain why continental cars have the Pulling to the left problem... Don't ask me to rectify the problem because I am in no position to do so. Not even the local distributors can do it. Just understand the problem and do what we can from our end... You see guys, these CONTINENTAL cars are made for left hand drive... Not right hand drive... So, to make the car right hand drive, they have to take the left hand drive model and modify it... All continentals are made that way because the market for right hand drives are too small to have it manufactured that way. When the car is LHD, it drives on the right hand side of the road. Roads in Europe are slanted slightly towards the right for the water to flow away when it rains. All cars are made to pull a little to the left to compensate for the slant, which is a standard bushing part used. They don't have the bushing for RHD models. Don't ask me why... they just don't have it. When the cars are being modified to the RHD market, plus our roads are slanted slightly towards the left for the water to flow away, we get a big pull to the left. This applies to ALL European cars as they did nothing to overcome this problem. So, the only way to rectify it is to go to a good tyre shop who understands this problem and get them to toe in the front caster so that the car feels straight. My car feels straight on an even road but there is still a slight pull to the left when the road is slanted, especially on highways. Generally, I am happy with this, as this is the best they can do.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Running your PUG 308

I was away from 2nd to 24th June 2009, while working overseas. My 308 GT was parked in my house and the engine was started once or twice a week by my family members. After coming home from the 3 week working stint, I began to face a few problems with the car. Here are the list below:-

1) All 4 tires have been deflated quite badly. The TPMS worked well, telling me all 4 tires needs to be pumped.
2) I received an error in my MFD stating that there is an Error with the Engine. When I sent it back to KS, the computer printout states that the turbo pressure was too high. They reset the computer, and 2 days later, the same problem occurred. This happened when I started the engine, after warming up a little, I rev the engine to 6000rpm.  But after driving for 10 days, the problem was gone...
3) DRL light bulbs blew. I first bought a pair from Brothers for RM 9.50, and it blew again after just 5 days. This time, I bought the 2nd pair from Giant for RM 3.99 and changed them without touching the bulb with my bare hands. I used a cloth to change the bulb. Its been 4 days, and its working fine.

I am away again overseas. My dad (73 years old) has volunteered and insisted that he drive my car around for the next 4 weeks. He took my car yesterday, and seems to be handling it fine. Lets pray that he will be able to handle the car properly for the next 1 month.