Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to get better mileage from your car?

Here are some tips to get better mileage once the petrol prices go up in September 2009 in Malaysia.

1. They way you drive - Rapid acceleration and quick braking increases fuel! Drive gently and you will see significant improvement in your fuel consumption of your car.
2. Improper Tyre inflation - Just 1 tire under inflated, you will realised that your car will be a fuel guzzler. Tires deflate 1 psi every 2 weeks. So, ensure that your car is properly inflated and check your tyre pressure every 2 weeks.
3. Excessive load - Don't put things that you don't need in your car. Why carry extra load? It will definitely put more strain in your engine and it will definitely increase your fuel consumption.
4. Proper maintenance and service - Make sure you service your car in time, a healthy engine uses less fuel than an unhealthy one.
5. Don't speed - Your 308 is most frugal at speeds around 110km/h. You will notice that the engine will double its fuel intake when you hit speeds around 140 km/h. The 30 km/h extra won't get you double the speed but will use double the fuel!

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