Friday, January 23, 2009

The arrival of my Peugeot 308 GT

After much anticipation, the car was delivered yesterday at 5pm. The people in Kheng Soon Service were extremely friendly and walks the extra mile just to ensure that I get the car before Chinese New Year.

I took the car to the local tire

shop as I found that the car was not handling properly. They found that one of the Pirelli tire is out of shape. Its a manufacturing problem. I spoke to Ismik from Kheng Soon, the Peugeot dealer here and he is willing to change a tire for me. However, since this car is fully imported, we also found out that this tire is not available in Malaysia. However, Ismik told me he will forward the problem to France and get it rectified for me but it might take a while. I am very happy with the friendly service from this Peugeot dealer. They are really nice people.

The car generally is very powerful. I am quite amazed with the parking sensors which even warns you of objects when you come too close to them, even on normal gears and not reverse gears. There is this graphical illustration of how close the object is at the centre of the Multimedia Interface. Wow... that is really something I didn't expect it could do.