Friday, May 15, 2009

Penang 15th May 2009

Klang to Penang- Toll to Toll

Left Klang NKVE toll this morning at 4:27am.
Passed Tapah R&R at 5:17am (50 mins)
Passed Gua Tempurung at 5:27am (1 hour)
Reached Ipoh Toll at 5:37am (1 hour 10 mins)
Reached Sg Perak R&R and rested 10 mins for toilet break at 5:50am (1hour 23 mins)
Left Sg Perak at 5:58am
Started raining in Taiping area, slowed down.
Reached Juru Toll 6:44am
Reach Penang Bride Toll at 6:55am (2 hours 28 mins from Klang NKVE toll)

Petrol used 3/4 tank. Top speed 220km/h. Average cruising (no rain) 180km/h-200km/h. Average cruising (rain) 130km/h. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pictures by Mr Kevin Han

Kevin Han is one of Malaysia's most remarkable photographer. These are pictures that he took during our session in Putrajaya. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playing around in Putrajaya 10 May 2009

Here are some pictures taken by my colleague of the 308GT around Putrajaya.
However, another set of pictures by Mr Kevin Han will be posted up here in probably a few weeks time.
Do enjoy the pics as we did enjoy taking them.
We parked the car in the middle of the road, there were traffic but very little cars passing. In fact, we parked the car at the wrong direction of the traffic. Risky, but... since there were not many cars moving... we were quick to get the shots we wanted.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How does twin scroll turbocharger work?

Twin scroll turbine housing. The TST housing derives its name from the geometry of the exhaust gas inlet into the turbine. Two different-sized scrolls are generally used, a primary and a secondary. Typically, the primary is open for low-speed operation, and both for high-speed use. This creates the ability of the TST to be a small A/R housing at low speeds and a large A/R at higher speeds.

TST designs are of merit in that they offer a better combination of low-speed response and high-end power. It would be difficult to configure the unit to control boost by effectively varying A/R. A wastegate is therefore still necessary to control boost pressure. Simplicity of the twin scroll turbine housing is its big selling point.

[Source- "Maximum Boost" by Corky Bell]