Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nasim's poor warranty and backup

My car battery went dead after just 7 months. According to Nasim, there is NO WARRANTY for battery anything above 20,000km or 1 year whichever comes first! As far as I know, battery manufacturers give warranty without mileage limitations. But that is not all, I have a few more warranty claims that seems to be left unheard and no actions were taken by them. This is a letter I sent via email today to Lionel, Samson and Dennis of Naza/Nasim. Lets see how long they will reply before I take the next action. Lets see if they are the type that values customers or need to be WHACKED before serving the customer right... Here is the email:-

Dear Gentlemen,
It brings to my attention that I need to highlight this issue with your goodself as I have passed my threshold of being a nice customer. Every customer has their limits.

These are issues that Nasim has not attended to expectation and this is my first step towards giving a good chance to Nasim to react properly to the situation of my car.


Date: 30th January 2009 :- 2nd day of delivery... Pirelli P Zero Nero Tyre found not round, send it back to Kheng Soon. Up to now.... NO NEWS... and still waiting... after 7 months!!

Date: 20th April 2009  :- Sent car for 10,000km service at BB Glenmarie and both seats that is supposed to slide is found to have a part broken inside the seat... SC told me to wait 1 month for the part to come.. UP TO NOW... NO NEWS despite me calling customer service several times, they claim to check and get back to me, but I got NOTHING!!

Date: 24th August 2009:  Sent car for battery warranty claim as the car needed to jump start few times. Sent to Naza Klang and found the battery to be defective. Car is only 7 months old. Just hit 20,980 km. SC claims that there is no warranty after 20,000km or 1 year. However, I do not find this clause anywhere in my warranty book. Had to pay RM 688.50 for a new battery which I think the price is exorbitant. This issue should be covered by warranty!!  As far as I know, all battery manufacturers give warranty of 1 year or some even 2 years without mileage limitations. This is also proven in other car brands too. I am quite shocked to find this VERBAL rule in Naza/Nasim. 20,000km for battery warranty is as good as NO WARRANTY at all... This is getting a little ridiculous! 

Awaiting your "PROMPT" action... today's date is 25th August 2009...

Best Regards,
Alan Wong
owner of 308GT
HP: +6012-XXXXXX

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  1. These unresolved issues do indeed sound worrisome to would be Peugeot owners

  2. How much is the battery if bought elsewhere ?

  3. I faced the same thing, my battery worn out!!

    Even my left wiper motor was not working properly after one month i bought this car, took them 7 months to accept my complaints and manage to claim a new wiper motor last 2 weeks ago.

    This is not the first case

    My car battery was flat at 17xxx km and got to be towed to PJ then cannot claim battery and have to tranfer to Nasim Glenmarie. During inspection i notice a huge leak on my engine, apparently oil leakage due to one of the plastic cover.Manage to claim that as well.

    The next day on my way to work, alert on my lcd panel came right after i start my engine "Coolent oil is too low". Quickly called nasim and set an appointment and found one of the hose needed to be change. So i change them and went home happily.

    Following day when i was at work and on my way back home, Alert came from my lcd screen again " Gearbox faulty" ...:(

    Call nasim and till today awaiting parts to arrive. This time it was the valve. Tomorrow 8.30 to send my car to Nasim for a 1 day 1 night service.


  4. Hi dun mind to give me email of top management Nasim? Cause I am having some unsolved issue with Nasim Bangsar. Thanks

  5. Dear all, I have same problem with Nasim Glenmarie, very poor service. They never call customer back to inform if they need to hold the car for longer period. I went to check Naza website, they do not have any where customer care website like other car companies.. Naza Nasim is having problem bottom to the top mgmt !!! Sack the customer service manager !

  6. i had problems with peugeot 308. battery died 9 months after purchasing the car. air cond compressor died 3 years after buying car. poor servicve centre and even worse customer careline service. they dont bother about customers or their complaints. they never reply your calls and they never explain the problems in the car. beware, avoid buying this car or any peugeots.