Friday, July 17, 2009


OK... time for me to explain why continental cars have the Pulling to the left problem... Don't ask me to rectify the problem because I am in no position to do so. Not even the local distributors can do it. Just understand the problem and do what we can from our end... You see guys, these CONTINENTAL cars are made for left hand drive... Not right hand drive... So, to make the car right hand drive, they have to take the left hand drive model and modify it... All continentals are made that way because the market for right hand drives are too small to have it manufactured that way. When the car is LHD, it drives on the right hand side of the road. Roads in Europe are slanted slightly towards the right for the water to flow away when it rains. All cars are made to pull a little to the left to compensate for the slant, which is a standard bushing part used. They don't have the bushing for RHD models. Don't ask me why... they just don't have it. When the cars are being modified to the RHD market, plus our roads are slanted slightly towards the left for the water to flow away, we get a big pull to the left. This applies to ALL European cars as they did nothing to overcome this problem. So, the only way to rectify it is to go to a good tyre shop who understands this problem and get them to toe in the front caster so that the car feels straight. My car feels straight on an even road but there is still a slight pull to the left when the road is slanted, especially on highways. Generally, I am happy with this, as this is the best they can do.


  1. good info Alan...tx for posting this...

  2. Most welcome Firza, we're here to help each other..

  3. Hi Alan,
    I'm having the same problem and could you please explain how to "get them toe in the front caster so that the car feels straight" or can you recommend a good tyre shop bacuse I understand that's not so easy to fix it for 407.


  4. Go to the Pirelli shop next to BB Glenmarie... they can fix the problem...

  5. this is a myth. it is NOT true.

  6. Hi Alan,

    I'm one of the AW forumer and is very interested to book a 308 VTi but the only thing that's really really holding me back is this pull to the left issue...after you've done the alignment, did it resolve the pull to the left issue on your 308 GT? or are you still feeling the pull as some of the other AW forumer experienced? Is there a "real"/"proper" fix to this?...Thank You in advance on your advise! Have a nice day! :)