Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Running your PUG 308

I was away from 2nd to 24th June 2009, while working overseas. My 308 GT was parked in my house and the engine was started once or twice a week by my family members. After coming home from the 3 week working stint, I began to face a few problems with the car. Here are the list below:-

1) All 4 tires have been deflated quite badly. The TPMS worked well, telling me all 4 tires needs to be pumped.
2) I received an error in my MFD stating that there is an Error with the Engine. When I sent it back to KS, the computer printout states that the turbo pressure was too high. They reset the computer, and 2 days later, the same problem occurred. This happened when I started the engine, after warming up a little, I rev the engine to 6000rpm.  But after driving for 10 days, the problem was gone...
3) DRL light bulbs blew. I first bought a pair from Brothers for RM 9.50, and it blew again after just 5 days. This time, I bought the 2nd pair from Giant for RM 3.99 and changed them without touching the bulb with my bare hands. I used a cloth to change the bulb. Its been 4 days, and its working fine.

I am away again overseas. My dad (73 years old) has volunteered and insisted that he drive my car around for the next 4 weeks. He took my car yesterday, and seems to be handling it fine. Lets pray that he will be able to handle the car properly for the next 1 month.

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