Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Warranty Issues Settled

I've gone through months of waiting and finally, the issues with Nasim has been settled.

1) I got a refund for the battery issue which I paid.
2) TPMS changed and reprogrammed
3) I got 4 new Pitrelli P Zero Rosso Tyres for the defective tyre reported 2 days after I got my car
4) My seat slider was changed 1 month ago.

Nasim has taken the effort to ensure that they are meeting up to the warranty claims. I must say, there's been improvement and I do hope it will continue to get better.

However, there are people who thinks that I just want to make issues with Nasim and make the AW forum unhappy. Ultimately, the battle is won for now, that the Peugeot owners are getting better service from Nasim. This is proven with 3 more cars with battery issues were changed without questions asked. I will continue to strive to help the Peugeot owners to get what is right, irrespective of who is with me or who is not...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A reply from Nasim

After 1 month of persistent followups... this is the reply I got from Nasim this morning.

Greetings Mr Alan,
We are please to inform you on the following :
i) The originally factory fitted tire, Pirelli P Zero Nero is not available in the Malaysian market. However, as a alternate solution, we have managed to locate a different model, Pirelli P Zero Rosso which is equally compatible for your vehicle. As an added gesture of goodwill, we will be replacing all 4 tires on your vehicle to ensure the thread pattern match. The tires have been ordered and is expected to reach no later than this Friday (09.10.09)
ii) The TPMS sensor is available at our Glenmarie Blue Box. An appointment will be made for the replacement for both the TPMS and the tires as mentioned above this week.
iii) The goodwill reimbursement cheque is ready and will be handed to you personally during your visit for the above.
We would appreciate if you could let us know if Friday (09.10.09) is convenient for you to send in your vehicle to Blue Box Glenmarie for the above. I will communicate this to the After Sales Division.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
Dennis Michael
Head Of  Department
Client Interaction Center (CLiC)

However, I got a call from Rahim of KS this morning asking me about when I can come and settle the tyre case, I told him I got a reply from Nasim as above. Rahim is telling me that Nasim is billing KS for the 4 Pirelli tyres which was mentioned above....
Personally, I feel that:-
1) KS took too long to give me an answer for the tyre case... its now 8 months since I sent the tyre for warranty and KS slept on the issue. Now, it looks like as if they have to bear the cost of it.
2)  Each tyre cost almost RM 2,000.00 and by changing 4 tyres, KS got to fork out almost RM 8,000 for this issue. 

Do you think its fair?? Your comments please..