Monday, June 29, 2009

Checklist for new delivery

This is a checklist of things you need to check before you collect your new car. This list was compiled by Autopug from the Autoworld forum. Some items does not apply for the 308 but for the 407 models.

anti theft nut

yellow tweezer (ask SA to show you how to use it. but it is mentioned in manual so if he doesn't know, no worries)


windscreen water

seat belt

seat adjuster (whether your power or manual assisted lever works)

glove compartment

aircond - dual zone and climate control

head light

rear light

seat belt light

vanity mirror light

reading light

signal light

brake light

fog light

Moonroof (check the slider if its working)

Windows (that its working)

Keys (both keys should be able to start the car)

Seats (please ensure there are no holes in the seat)

Mats, make sure they are clean and neat.

lights and rain sensors, make sure they are working

tyre (comb thro' all 4 tyre threads), also check the manufacturing date of the tyre.

tyre pressure (usually they are over inflated. so bring to the nearest station to measure or deflate the tyre to the correct pressure. i usually go to shell since they have this digital gauge)

rim (check for any scratch or dent)

radio, cd player, mp3, USB port and iPod (and the firmware has been updated to the latest version). bring along a thumbdrive and mp3 disc for checking. for iPod you must have the Aux cable.

gps (this is updated and loaded into your software and he/she gives you the password and ID) This is for 407 model only.

chassis number (match against road tax)

road tax expiry (it is 1 year instead of half year)

reg card (if this is loan, then you should get a copy and then match details against the relevant documents)

alignment (can only check this when you drive)

check the mileage before acceptance

check body for scratches

Owner's manual, Warranty booklet.

one more to add, insurance cover note.

Once you sign the dotted lines.... it means you accepted the car as it is... please check through properly...


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