Sunday, June 14, 2009

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Moonroof

There are many people who are interested in the new batch of 308 THP here in Malaysia which will come with the moonroof as illustrated in my picture here. However, there were debates about its advantages and disadvantages of having a moonroof.

Firstly, let me explain that the moonroof is just a window that cannot open, unlike the sunroof, which can be opened for air/wind to come into the cabin. The moonroof only has a  slider from the back to cover the glass and all the air conditioning is kept within the cabin of the car.

The moonroof is bigger than the sunroof. Since the sunroof has the option of it being able to open for air, there are a few disadvantage that the sunroof will face.

1) leaking, once the seals are worn out, sunroofs does face this problem.
2) if you forgot to close it, and it starts to rain or if birds decide to make POO, you will have lots of cleaning to do.

Since the Moonroof does not have the option of allowing the air to enter, especially in the Malaysian climate, you will still have good cabin air conditioning being circulated within. Moonroofs don't have the leaking problem. And, it makes the car feel more spacious once its opened.

These are the disadvantages that I felt applies by having a moonroof.

1) Feels hot if its opened during a hot day
2) Too glaring during mid day
3) got to pay extra to get the moonroof version

However, the advantages are as follows:-
1) I have it and you don't syndrome (Feels good)
2) Feels more spacious
3) Kids just love it!! They can see the aeroplanes flying above clearly.
4) Very romantic if you are dating at night
5) People in buses stare at you and your car at a traffic light
6) Its a WOW factor!

Well, heard you only got to pay less than RM 3000 for the moonroof version on the THP. I would say, its damn cheap as the entire moonroof system was rated to be at least RM 15,000 more.

Only the high end cars have this feature, and its definitely a great feeling to have it on your car!

So, come join me to be one of the few who has this in Malaysia...

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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I am thinking of getting Peugeot 308 Turbo and I assume it also has the same moonroof as your GT?