Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reprogramming your key

I've finally managed to reprogram a new set of keys with the transponder working with the new remote. There are 4 stages to reprogram the new key as follows:-

1) Get a new empty transponder key estimate price RM 450.00 (Nasim is selling it for RM 808.00)
2) Get the transponder code (credit card that came with your car, if you don't have that, you have to get it from Nasim or we have to force a new code for you, and reprogram 2 keys , your current one and the new one for an additional price of RM 100.00)
3) cut your new key - using your old key, we need to LAZER cut your new key for a price of RM 80.00
4) Reprogram your new transponder and reprogram the remote to work... (cost around RM 120.00) then...

WALLA.... you have 2 sets of keys....

Anyone interested to make a new set of keys for your Peugeot 206, 308, 307, 407...
you can contact me...

Promotion price until 14th February 2010.... fully cut, reprogram and new key will cost you only RM 688.00 only.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there, still got this offer?
    FYI, my mom's car key got stolen when some burglars broke into the house few days ago and took the her 206 key with them. Now only got the spare key without the remote. So, my question is, can you reprogram the transponder into a new remote key and with new codes? So that the burglars cannot use the taken car key. And, how much does it cost? Thx