Thursday, December 31, 2009

Malaysian Car Buyer's Mentality

We hear these very often

1 - Don't buy 2 doors car.... No 2nd hand value
2 - Don't buy Continental cars - No 2nd hand value, expensive spare parts
3 - Don't buy Korean cars - No 2nd hand value
4 - Buy Honda or Toyota - Best 2nd hand value, reliable....

And the whole nation believes this.... Now, lets investigate why people buy Honda and Toyota. I spoke to a few people and they say, good back up service, good spare parts stocked, good 2nd hand value, because everyone buys it so it can't be wrong...

Then why on earth did I buy the Peugeot 308 GT? Its a 2 door, Continental car..... the whole nation can't be wrong and I can't be right????

The fact is... the whole nation has developed a car culture. Nobody ever look at statistics, they follow the crowd, that is why they don't stand out.... I bought the 308 GT is because, it has NCAP 5 star safety ratings, award winning engine, Most Fuel Efficient award winner, it has got all the latest devices like TPMS, directional headlights, auto lights, auto wipers, Bosch 8.1 ESP, 6 gear manual transmission with 175 BHP/260Nm torque engine, 6 airbags etc.....

Who cares about 2nd hand value? I plan to keep this car.... I care about driving pleasure and safety values more.... and the best part is.... I stand out from the crowd... every other person I met, admires the car... as it is unique and special....


  1. agree with you whole heartedly, that's why i bought the citroen c4 coupe

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  3. Agreed with you.... let me start with my 206 first. Plan to buy 308THP...

  4. Agree with you 100%. When I finally bought my 308GT, I was looking for manual stick car with good performance and nice interior. The only alternative was from Suzuki Swift Sport. Then again, most malaysian prefer auto rather than manual shift stick car.

    Hence, to buy continental car (no second value) that came with manual shift stick was considered bad decision by most malaysian drivers. It is not always easy to go against the flow but I am glad that I did.

  5. agree with the driving pleasure and it is comfartable. though i do not own a peugeot 308 turbo,but the VTi peugeot 308 is smooth ride home

  6. I owned Peugeot 308Vti and I just got an accident on 14th Dec 2012, which is the guy with Honda jazz drove from t-junction without see me at the straight road,,, the Peugeot 308Vti proven are safety car coz that time I was Drove about 80-90km/h not even have time to get break ,,, both front airbag open,,, and I'm not injured,,, only effected at the front bumper,,, windscreen cracked,,, it's doesn't harm me... I love driving this conti car..

  7. hi, i planning to buy this car. and fyi, this will be my 1st car, so I need some opinions and how much dep and other cost that will need to be consider :) tq