Sunday, October 11, 2009

Warranty Issues Settled

I've gone through months of waiting and finally, the issues with Nasim has been settled.

1) I got a refund for the battery issue which I paid.
2) TPMS changed and reprogrammed
3) I got 4 new Pitrelli P Zero Rosso Tyres for the defective tyre reported 2 days after I got my car
4) My seat slider was changed 1 month ago.

Nasim has taken the effort to ensure that they are meeting up to the warranty claims. I must say, there's been improvement and I do hope it will continue to get better.

However, there are people who thinks that I just want to make issues with Nasim and make the AW forum unhappy. Ultimately, the battle is won for now, that the Peugeot owners are getting better service from Nasim. This is proven with 3 more cars with battery issues were changed without questions asked. I will continue to strive to help the Peugeot owners to get what is right, irrespective of who is with me or who is not...

1 comment:

  1. Well, good for you that your problem is settled and Nasim paid attention... to your problem only. My emails and queries to Nasim were never answered... I can't be bothered now anyway, because I deal direct with Peugeot Singapore instead which has much better customer service.