Monday, September 7, 2009

A PM from Intermilan to me- for YOUR entertainment purposes

I've always consider you as a friend, even if we had only meet once. But i think it about time that you have a kit kat. This issue is now seem to be very near to achieve or already reach irrevocable damage. It should be taken off the Net or tone down marginally. Let go of the emo.. Why not use the tribunal pengguna or legal option? And unfortunately, your revelation about the discussion in ZTH are just quite tasteless as the discussion itself. Two wrong didn't make it right Alan. I'm afraid it might set the tone for this to turn out to be a hardball game. Game on! David vs. Goliath. Posting your grievance in AW won't help anymore. I see it this way, by revealing the ZTH discussion, you win the battle, but that will quickly lead to you losing the war, possibly. Of course i don't know why you attack lowpro. You must got your reasons. Lastly, I do hope that the objective(s) of your struggle will be achieve. Nasim is clearly the wrong party here. But some of the way you employed to drag your point here didn't help either. From your experience, we know that they can be a s u c k e r. But i'm worried if they decided to be an even bigger s u c k e r after this episode.

{and my reply below}

Intermilan, Do I care what you think of the entire situation? You never even came and supported myself when I was fighting the battle alone. Who are you to come and PM me to tell me what I should do? I am still fighting the battle alone. What have I got to lose? What is the worse that can happen?? I have thought about the consequences, and I am all game to expect the worse. I have always thought of all of you as a friend... Derick, yourself and all the others, till I had to fight this battle alone, I found out who are my real friends... Why not, you take a kit kat and enjoy the show...!

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