Friday, May 15, 2009

Klang to Penang- Toll to Toll

Left Klang NKVE toll this morning at 4:27am.
Passed Tapah R&R at 5:17am (50 mins)
Passed Gua Tempurung at 5:27am (1 hour)
Reached Ipoh Toll at 5:37am (1 hour 10 mins)
Reached Sg Perak R&R and rested 10 mins for toilet break at 5:50am (1hour 23 mins)
Left Sg Perak at 5:58am
Started raining in Taiping area, slowed down.
Reached Juru Toll 6:44am
Reach Penang Bride Toll at 6:55am (2 hours 28 mins from Klang NKVE toll)

Petrol used 3/4 tank. Top speed 220km/h. Average cruising (no rain) 180km/h-200km/h. Average cruising (rain) 130km/h. 


  1. wht are you trying to prove???

  2. Handling and performance.... Its a guy thing about speed and performance... Are you a guy?

  3. i am RUSA.....0-100km/h in less than 5 sec

  4. Alan,
    Quite true. When driven to the limits, 308 Turbos drinks lots of gasoline [especially the one with Auto tx].

    Last Thursday 14th I also drove my car [on emergency] to Kelantan like 'one half-crazy' driver. The fuel consumption was almost 3/4 tank for the same route which I normally do on one single tank for both directions.

    I've yet to trst-drive 'economically' on PLUS like u did.