Thursday, July 8, 2010

Battery Desulfator and Battery Charger

A lot have been talked about regarding the 308 batteries that don't last. Many 308 owners here in Malaysia and Singapore suffer from premature death. My first battery went dead, just 7 months owning the car. This 2nd battery has already given signs that its going to have some problems as the car couldn't start 4 days ago. I went googling for a solution and this is what I found.

This is called a Battery Desulfator. This version is an electronic version that does not need to put any  chemicals into the battery. It is said to maximise the battery life span 2 to 3 times and revive dead batteries.

From the same website, I bought a 12Amp intelligent battery charger. Its light and portable as well.

 This is what they have to say about their charger in their website.

"Without the need of bulky and heavy transformers, our chargers are now smaller, lighter and more portable than before. The smaller footprint allows them to be used virtually anywhere. End users will enjoy the savings gained from material cost and logistics.
Our modern high frequency switchmode charger designs, operate at efficiencies higher than 85% compared to the old designs that have typical efficiencies of 50% - 60%. This means less heat is generated and less electricity is wasted.
Switchmode chargers also have stable output voltages, regardless of input AC fluctuations. This ensures that batteries are never undercharged, preventing sulfation, which shortens the lifespan of batteries. In fact, when used in parallel with the Infinitum Desulfator, batteries that had previously failed and were junked due to sulfation can be restored to optimum working condition."

So, I decided to try to do both. This is how I did the setup.
First, I clip the Desulfator on the positive polarity of the battery, its easy, just unclip the red tab, put the wire in and clip it back...
Then, I found an engine mount to touch the negative side since the negative side of the battery is hidden. I saw the green LED light up, that means its working. I am supposed to leave it there for 8 hours.

Next, I attached the battery charger to the same points as follows:-
The orange LED on the charger means its charging. Once it turns green it has reached 90% of charge, it will trickle charge, which means that it will be on a very low charge and the amperes is lower. This type of charger will never overcharge the battery. Its an intelligent charger. This way, I hope that my battery will last longer and I can do the same for the 2 more vehicles I have at home. You do not need to put the Desulfator on your battery permanently, however, if you have only 1 car at home, you can do so. The Desulfator will do its job in 8 hours. 

Lastly, you can buy what I did from this website

Pos Laju delivery on the next day, which is pretty fast!


  1. Very good suggestion and write up Alan.

  2. Thanks Alan.. good stuff here.

  3. Thanks Alan for this post.

    To maximize the efficacy of the desulfator make sure the negative terminal of the desulfator is connected to the engine block that is closest to the battery.

    From the Infinitum Desulfator Engineering Team
    | | |

  4. I left the desulfator there overnight, and I realised that the next morning, the green blinking light has stopped. I guess, it means that the job is done...

  5. 'the green blinking light has stopped' that means the battery voltage has dropped below a certain value determined by the desulfator which stopped the desulphation process to prevent battery over discharged.

  6. Can I just use this overnight without charging the battery at the same time?

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  8. Hi Alan,

    Very comprehensive blog you have here. I am considering the 308 THP myself but i am just concerned about the maintenance costs. Further, I am from Kuching and though there is a 3s centre, there arent many 308s around. Was wondering if you could give me a rough idea on the maintenance costs? would really appreciate it.

  9. Awesome post..Its a good stuff for learning about Battery Desulfator and Battery Charger...Get to Know More about peugeot service? Just visit the website for more details...

  10. Hi Alan,

    I just got my 308 and I'm interested in a desulfator as well. May I know if the desulfator needs to be charged from an external power source? If I understand correctly, the desulfator will charge the car battery but once it's been discharge, how does it recharge on its own?


  11. ignore my question, just found out that it charges the same way as the car battery :)

  12. Dear Alan,
    You have use this for sometime, does it improve your battery life. How long can it last?

  13. Sorry I meant how long can the battery last if I use this?

  14. The battery charger that I have used to charge camera battery is bestek 300w power inverter. Just connect it with car cigarette lighter charger outlet. Then you can handle it. Thanks for you sharing.

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