Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 tank of Fuel trip from Klang to Kepala Batas, Penang and BACK!!

Today is one of the most interesting day with the 308 GT. I was trying to achieve to drive from Taman Bayu Perdana, Klang (which is near Pandamaran), all the way to Kepala Batas in Penang... and BACK...., with just ONE tank full of petrol!! Woah!! The Petrol attendant said its NOT possible....
So, this was a challenge... and there were four of us in the car when we set off at 9am in the morning.
We had to swivel in the Klang jam for a while before hitting NKVE. When I hit NKVE, I set the cruise control at 110km/h and we cruised all the way up to Ipoh, when one of us, had to take a leak... so, we all followed. 
By the time we reached Kepala Batas at around 1pm, the car was just about half tank of fuel, clocking 404.6 km. That moment, I was confident that we could reach back Klang with 1 tank of fuel. I went for my meeting, and by the time we wanted to head back, it was already 6pm. I kept to my composure of not wanting to accelerate hard to save the fuel and achieve what I have never achieved before. Believe me, its hard when you have the urge to just want to accelerate and feel the power. I drove slowly and kept to my discipline and with four of us again... we drove back also keeping to the 110km/h speed limit which I set on my cruise control.
On the way back, we decided to stop by Ipoh to have the Bean Spout and chicken rice. I was thinking whether its possible to meet our goal if we detour into Ipoh, which we will move into slow traffic and lots of traffic lights. However, we had nice chicken rice in Ipoh City.
Finally, our stretch back to Klang was again set at 110km/h all the way. By the time I reached back Klang town, the fuel warning light started to beep. I clocked 783.0km with 1 tank of fuel and yet, I had another 110km to go with the balance of fuel in the tank. Looking at the trip computer, I have done a 6.5l/100km which is equvalent to 15.38km/l with 4 people in the car and aircon all the way and back.

This is indeed a great fuel consumption on the 1.6 turbo engine running constantly (95% of the time) at 110km/h.


  1. Alan,
    I think it took more courage to drive the GT at speed limits than going flat at 220kph.

    Congaratulations!!. 308GT is unbelievable frugal as well as unthinkable super fast for a 1.6l car.

    I'll be testing 308THP for economy drive to Kelantan just before dawn tomorrow.

  2. this is great!! maybe you and ahwan should be interviewed again for visions under the fuel consumption section!!

  3. Lowpro,.... no problem for me... you arrange it laa..
    Anyway, I poured RM 102.00 this morning... up to the brim.
    The trip meter shows 813km...

  4. Congrats Alan on your 308GT ! Well done. Always like French cars. Cheers.

  5. Wonder if the THD or Vti and achieve the same or better?

  6. William... should be about the same...
    Do check out AHWAN's blog on his THP...
    He should be posting his FC soon...
    However, because of the 6 speed manual, I think the GT should give better consumption a little better than the THP or VTi..
    The GT's RPM is a little lower on gear 6, compared to the THP's AL4's gear 4. Just my guess... yet to compare statistics tough..